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Range :

9 reversible models available

Operating range :
Heating capacity : 3 to 18kW
Cooling capacity : 2.6 to 15.1kW

Use :

The Salsa cassette is designed to be integrated in false ceiling in order to free up valuable floor and wall space in light commercial applications. The 360° air flow panel ensures a uniform temperature distribution across the room. A ventilation motor can be installed in fresh air duct to increase the volume of fresh air.

Description :

  • Energy label class A++
  • Wireless remote control (supplied as standard)
  • Wired control (option)
  • Central wired control Up to 64 units (option)
  • Refrigerant HFC R410A

> advantages
  • 360° airflow panel
  • High energy efficiency with full inverter technology
  • Compact and standard size for a perfect integration into false-ceiling
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Washable filter
  • Integrated condensate drain pump
  • Optional fresh air inlet
  • Wireless remote control with follow me function
  • Indoor  unit compatible multi-split


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